Top two slap fight leagues partner to form ‘World Slap Fighting Alliance’

In a combat sports realm where the various pies are fractured between a cornucopia of promotions, the American and European powerhouses of professional slap fighting are bucking industry trends by partnering to chart a new course of shared success in their young sport.

United States-based promotion SlapFIGHT Championship and Polish organization PunchDown) have agreed to a formal alliance. This union of the premier slap-fighting leagues in the world will officially be dubbed the World Slap Fighting Alliance. In an exclusive interview, SlapFIGHT Championship CEO JT Tilley explained the unique partnership as two organizations choosing to actually work together under the shared belief that their entire industry would benefit from a true coalition.

TDubK is the ceo

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Wait his nane was KDubT I think. Whatever.

Yes,it was K-Dub-T but he also went by Dhira.

LoL Pancrase did this garbage years ago motherfuckr.