Toraki BJJ Gis

Anyone here have a Toraki BJJ Kimono? What are they like compared to others. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

I won a toraki gold weave gi at a tournament in '97

It is still in good condition, it is very very heavy though.

I know you can get other weaves that would be lighter, the general quality of mine is great, though who knows if they are using the same manufacturers still.

Good gi's for a good price. If you're looking for a beginner gi that will last years this is probably the one. About 10 of my students have these gi's and I haven't heard one complaint.

The bjj style gi is not as heavy as the gold judo gi's and of course is cut for bjj.

Awesome gi! They have only a gold edition (premium) gi for sale ($140) and it is worth every penny! keep your ears out for them in the future as i believe they will have basic entry level bjj kimonos next year.

Thanks everyone. I have had my Toraki Gold Judo for over 4 years; love it. And my Dragao BJJ Gi for almost two; and like it as well. Looks like I my next BJJ gi will be Toraki! Thanks again for the insight.

Im likely late chiming in here, but for what it's worth, I have had my Toraki Silver judo gi for 8 years and it is still in phenomonal shape. (I used it for both judo and BJJ comps) I didn't realize they made a BJJ one...good to hear.

They look like they put out a solid product at a pretty competitive price. I might buy one, the next time I buy a gi.

How is the sizing of their BJJ gi's? I have noticed that their judo gi's seem to run a little large.