Toraki BJJ Kimonos

Toraki has just released their own line of BJJ Kimonos. I have been training in my new Kimono for a couple weeks and I am pretty happy with it. Great fit, tough as hell and priced right. Club owners.. register your club with Toraki and you'll get a pretty decent discount. Support a Canadian Martial Arts supplier that has been involved in the grappling community for years. Check out and tell them Justin sent you! Peace!

Thanks Justin. I just contacted them.


i bought 2 of them last month... great kimonos!! really like the quality & cut of the Gi. good price as it's worth every penny.


shit gi shit owner.

whoever is modelling the bjj gi's is a gourgous bitch.

I used to have a nice Toraki gi

but then one day I broke my arm

and as I lay there screaming in pain,

the ambulance people cut it off me

my arm looked like a sausage for a month.