Toronto BJJ schools suitable for young kids

Hey all. I have a friend who has two daughters aged 6 and 10 who are looking to get into BJJ.
They live in the Gerrard and Dundas area.
I know of most of the Toronto area schools but can anyone give me some good advice as to what might be the best choice for them considering their age and locale.

Thanks in advance.

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Hard to find BJJ Kids clubs in Canada. We finally started our own club in Vancouver area, so we are very lucky.

If you can not find a club in Toronto, I would suggest you start your daughters out in Judo:
- Great conditioning, great core training, teaches them to have great balance, and it will teach them the basics of good positioning on the ground, and start with submission training.
- lots of well organized tournaments, where they will be able to test themselves against other kids (they do about 5 tournaments a year). BJJ Tournaments around my area do not have many kid competitors.
- Judo also tends to be very inexpensive, so until you find a BJJ club for them, you will save a little $.

Judo is a great sport for kids, and will really help them when they finally start BJJ.


PS... My kids train in Judo once a week (3 years), BJJ once a week (8 months), and are just going to start wrestling at their school (grade 8 & grade 6), so I am looking forward to see how this cross training helps them.

If Shah Franco still teaches children, that would be a great choice. The kid's will learn AND laugh!

Omar, if he teaches children, would be another wonderful option.

Some excellent recommendations on this thread. Another answer is in your thread title. Toronto BJJ offers a martial arts program for kids that teaches them BJJ and Muay Thai. The BJJ program at Toronto BJJ is under the guidance of Saulo Ribeiro black belt Jorge Britto, and the Muay Thai program under K-1 star Andre Dida and Mauricio Veio.

The kids program is accepting new students beginning Septmeber 11th.

I was involved with the kids program at Toronto BJJ when I trained there (Hi guys!), and it was a very good curriculum, focused on learning fundamentals while having fun. There were quite a few kids, and they really enjoyed themselves. Toronto BJJ took the program seriously, and spent a lot of time and energy making sure it was top notch.
There is a kids program developing out in Mississauga at Xtreme Couture Toronto, which is becoming very good. But, for your location, Toronto BJJ at Bloor near Ossington (on subway line) sounds ideal. And your kids will really enjoy it.

I wish I could have started Jiu-Jitsu when I was 6.....

Thanks for the help. I was thinking TorontoBJJ but wasn't sure if they had childrens programs. I'll pass the info to my friend.

Anvil thanks for the advice. I had thought about going that route if we couldn't find anything suitable for them.


Gerrard and Dundas don't actually meet. Are they east or
west? Shah Franco teaches kids, 1335 Lawrence Ave E between
the DVP and VP on the south side of Lawrence.

Go with Shah Franco!!!!!!!!!!

IMO judo & or wrestling is a good base for kids to start with. That's the way my boy is doing it. Then add the bjj and MT/boxing later. BBJ for kids is expensive.

"Gerrard and Dundas don't actually meet"

Right. Sorry about that. They are at Coxwell and Gerrard.
It looks like they will have to travel regardless of who they go with.

Anyone know of good Judo schools in the area?

Thanks again.

There's Minoru (spelling I have no idea) dojo near Duffren and Queen for Judo and is one of the best Judo clubs out there

And New Toronto Acadamey of Martial Arts that teaches a Karate / Judo blend that has a great kids programm at Islington and Lakeshore

East York Martial Arts is on St.Clair E between O'Connor
and VP. It's not too far from Coxwell and Gerrard (10 min
by car). Don Ritter runs the club, he's a student in bjj
under Shah Franco. He's a Karate bb as well. Most of his
students are kids. Not sure of the exact address or phone
number though - sorry.

judo sounds like a good idea, kids like to tumble around as it is.

Here is the website for Judo Ontario Club Directory. Punch in your Postal Code and it will tell you the closest Judo Clubs from where you live.

Good luck;


For downtown classes, try the Annex Judo Academy, I visited the club before the summer, they had at least 20 kids on the mat, they also take kids as young as 4yrs old in their Sunday morning class.

Minoru is now at the Japanese community center.

For judo downtown, try Mecca MMA

Kerry Panchoo - Minoru is now at the Japanese community center.

For judo downtown, try Mecca MMA

Actually The Minoru I am talking about is at 1290 Queen Street W

and I believe they are run by the guys who used to do the Judo at the JCCC - Rob Vargas I think

1290 Queen St. is closed. Not sure if they are still at JCC.

There is chat about it in this old thread.

Phil999 - 1290 Queen St. is closed. Not sure if they are still at JCC.

There is chat about it in this old thread.

Minoru moved at the end of 2007 from Queen & Dufferin to the JCCC