Toronto Gym

I'll be in Toronto on an assignment for a few weeks and may even be a few months.

I'm looking for a place I can just roll and pay mat fee and not attend formal classes, pay monthly membership, etc...

Can anyone help?

DisgracieJJ - Check Canada forum. I would recommend Shah Franco but Toronto bjj is also good I hear Phone Post 3.0

Toronto BJJ is a good spot and they often bring in pricey instructors.

Shah is legit though and he's a big figure in the Ontario MMA/BJJ community.

I'd say go with Shah.

If you're east of Toronto, check out Bruckmanns Martial Arts. They offer MMA classes but are a BJJ gym at heart and have plenty of open mats.

Also, Justin Bruckmann came from Shah Franco's lineage. They are connected with X-Gym in Brazil with Sylvio Behring and Jacare, Anderson Silva and many other elites train there.

A good martial arts family of teams.

Check out Shah in Toronto and BMA east of Toronto.

If you're near the Sauga/Etobicoke border in the west at any point Claude Patrick's Elite Training Centre is there.


At least I think he owns a part of it. Seems like a good gym.

Thanks guys - does anyone know their drop in fees?

I train at Elite. You should most certainly check it out. Claude is an awesome teacher and everyone here is very friendly and helpful. Pretty sure we don't have a drop in fee, just check the schedule and stop by!
Also check out Toronto BJJ, very high level competitors and awesome people/teachers there, they have a drop in fee not sure what it is though. You can call them and check?

I think Randy has one there. Or did that one go out of business too?

Cindy Phone Post 3.0

There is a lot of top notch bjj clubs in the greater Toronto area.

Post the question on the Canadian forum and you should get numerous responses. Tell them what area you think you will be staying.

Also will you be driving or using public transportation? That will affect your choices.

Phil999 - Also will you be driving or using public transportation? That will affect your choices.

I can do either - I'm just looking for a place I wont have to spend too much money to roll and is decently run.