Toronto UFC Gathering...

hey all.....if this thing with the sports cafe
doesn't pan out, and i know this may be far for
some of you, but it's all highway driving...the
Hollywood Grill ALWAYS shows it. They're at Victoria
Park and Ellesmere, on the south/east corner beside
the liquor store.

from downtown, take the DVP to 401 east, get off at
VP, and go south 2 lights; the Hollywood is on the
lefthand side. VP from from the DVP is the next major
street east.

George is the owners name. just ask him, he has
always put it on for me.

He has good food as well, wings, kabobs, fingers,
frys, etc., and about 3-4 different kinds of beer
on tap. it's not a huge place, but it's wide-open,
and there's one big-screen, and about 5 20" tv sets.

Good luck with the get together . I for one will be sulking at home watching Carlos kick Butt by satellite . I am regretting my decision not to go now that Mark and Sam decided to join the boys down in Vegas . I'm sure there are going to be stories to hear next week !
Oh well , there will always be Atlantic City and the Miletich re-match ! What , we gotta drive down for that one . Road Trip anyone ...

Carlos by sudden blast of energy ball !!!!

They would be retarded not to show it. they get around 15 people average to watch it, and i remember at UFC 30, when i went, there was around 50 people watching it. also i believe the raptor's game finishes around 10 so there shouldn't be a conflict. I'm going to be there this time if they are showing it, but if they don't i call for a boycott of the place.


I was one of the guys who had it out with the Manager of the place. It was as close to getting ugly as I've ever seen...I and about 15 other people called all day to verify they were showing the event. Each time we got through, we were given the green light. So many times, that the one waitress told me they were expecting a large gathering because of the amount of phone calls they had recieved...:) So me and the wifey go down there, order some wings on a Friday night, get told they have no wings so I laughed and started asking questions as to which T.V. they were going to show the which point I was told they were not ging to show this point, feel free to fill in the rest of the story...:)

Mind you, they've now showed all of them since so I can't see them having a problem showing it tonight, but I do recommend calling.


Joe Ferraro

Showdown Fightwear

What & apologies guys. Hope you guys have a good time, I'll talk to you guys on Sunday.

Hey guys...hope you guys have fun and good luck to those guys that get the posters. I have a small version, more or less an 8 1/2 by 11 advertisement, and it looks incredible. I won't be attending tonight as I've been called to La Belle Province. I leave today at 4pm and should be back by tommorow night at 9pm.

Ciao for now,


LOL...The funny thing is Tania leaned over to the Waitress and Manager and says " Are you guys nutz pissing him off???"

I lost it on the guy cause, as you know, I can't stand when other people make me look bad. I arrange to have over 25 people meet me there from various dojos and parts of the G.T.A., give them my word on it ( cause the manager gave me his ) only to find out I'm getting the 'Jailhouse Rock'.

Maybe I was really upset cause they were out of stock on Chicken wings on a Friday night????

I still Thank God that Nancoo wasn't there with me. It would have been REAL ugly if that was the case...:)

What time does the event start tomorrow. Is it 9:00pm or 10:00pm?

What subway station is it near by?

st clair station

sw corner to be exact. a stones throw from there.

I get smokin Joe Ferraro first round.

CAN wrestler


Everytime I leave town or have to stay in town you guys go organize a great thing, sh_t man, am I such a bad influence, do I smell bad, what is it da_n it...

Life ain't fair..... LOL

ITALION: your gonna be pissed I took the "JOB" this weekend. I know I'll be getting a lecture when I get back. So I'm preparing for it.

Sometimes a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do
I guess


Hey Guys,

What ( from Warriors Martial Arts ) and myself are looking at putting on a get together for the UFC Pay Per View this Friday at the Sports Cafe on Yonge and St.Clair. He has a couple of UFC posters to give away for any guys that show up. If anyone is interested, let me know and we'll see how many posters we can actually bring down to give away.

He has also assured me that Carlos will sign them if you bring them up to Warriors at the Amateur MMA event.



That sports cafe on st.clair is usually rammed...the one on Danforth and Eglinton is way more comfortable.

otsuka is correct, however, if we want to be in the
presence of both joe and what at the same time,
plus get a poster, my guess would be to get to the
one on st.clair w.

i'm going to see how many guys from shah franco MA
would be interested in going to see it there
(at the st.clair locale).

thanks guys.


The Yonge and St.Clair location is the place we usually all meet at. Reason being is that it is a much more central location, and easily accessible for those commuting with the TTC.

Honestly, I'd love to have you guys all over my place, but we would all end up having our own UFC tournament...:)



Sexilicious, you can be my Cher anytime. This UFC won't be the same with out you......waite a can rub my feet when I get back.

Keep it soft!