Total Combat June 8th!!!

fight card soon as it's completed!!!

Total Combat Entertainment premiered into the Mixed Martial Arts scene back in November 9th 2003 in Tijuana Mexico.  The objective was to give Mixed Martial Arts Athletes a chance to display their skills in front of a live audience.  Soon after Total Combat become the MMA event to attend, from VIPs driving as far as Los Angeles, Vegas, and Arizona.  Total Combat first US show was back in October of 2005 at a local casino in San Diego County.  In 2006 Total Combat was the 1st sanction MMA event in Southern California.  Now 21 events and over 80,000 people though Total Combat’s door, we are now in four states and two countries and growing…

Look its me on there about to get superman punched by karate bitches

UM ,

TTT for Total Combat one of the leading shows in the US.


When is the Scorpion fighting again, momita?

apparently today , vs. Momita for the World Title !

No, no fighting HKP...  I don't know Esteban, sorry. 


Fight Card


1. Paul Almanza         vs.   Courtney Thomas 



2. Shannon Gugerty    vs.   Joe Nichols



3. Joshua Williams       vs.   Daniel Morales 



4. Toby Imada            vs.   Zach Light



5. Wade Shipp            vs.   Tony Velarde



6. Jorge Ortiz              vs.   Jeremy Jackson



7. Is being Approved by Commission. Will post on Site once it's Approved




Fight Card Subject to Change

I offer you upwards of $10 if you could move this show to June 7th.

Same night as KOTC? Dam :(

KOTC the same night... yikes... LOL

good looking card

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Gonna be fun guys....

Wish I could go :(

wish I could go :(