Total Combat Throwdown

Another great show except for the A holes flying colours. Ed Radcliff definately UFC bound... Sommersault Kick was Awesome !!!!

full results?

Franca Win
Varner Win
Aguillar Win
Irish Angel Win
Ratcliff Win
PadIlla Win
Persey Win
Dalton Win
Smith Win
Farrar Win

Congrats to all the Warrior's that fought. Great heart Shad Smith!

way to go big perm!

great fights. Shad Smith definately has heart. He was getting beat down for two rounds, then came back for an upset win. That's what makes mma so great. You always have a chance for a submission, no matter how the fight is going.

I only saw bits and pieces of some of the fights, but I was definitely impressed with Ed "9MM", he puts on a great show. Also good job to Gary Padilla, he is very intense and just kept coming at my teamate Josh Griggs.

Griggs lost a decision, but I will guarantee he will be back and better then before, keep your head up man, good job.

Also congrats to Crystal and Kellyn, those two women put their heart on the line and left it all out, great fight.

congrats to 9mm. sucks that alex garcia lost, he was beating the shit out of smith. smith is tough. alex will be back

Super show. Good matchmaking - some amazing displays of jiu-jitsu, striking, etc. Ratcliffe's athleticism was amazing.

thundergaurd lol!

Big Perm Vs. Eddie Sanchez...that is the fight I wanna see

Eddie was looking very trim last night, maybe he is dropping down in w/class ?

Eddie is going to stay at HWY, he was going to drop down, but decided against it. He supposed to be in a 4 man HWY tournament in a few months with some pretty big names.


Shad is the man. Only out two weeks, hasn't trained in months and still pulled off the win. Alex is a great fighter but if Shads cardio would have been there it would have been a different fight. With the amount of time his team had to get him ready they did a great job.

very true, Thanks!

my hats off to gary padilla.i am very impressed with how much better he looked and fought from his 1st fight against garcia.i completely over looked his wrestling ability.i learned alot from this match and its going to help me out alot with getting better .good job gary and good luck in the disrespect in the end of the 3rd i only have 50% hearing i didnt hear the bell.

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