TotalCombatMexico (Thanks)!!!Feb29

I just wanted to say Thank you to all teams, fighters, and guests the participated this Sunday at our 2nd event in Tijuana, Mexico. Show was great and the fights were awesome.. special thanks, to Team Bushido from El Paso, Texas(long drive), San Diego Fight Club for supplying 4fighters to our show, those guys are putting out some awesome fighters. Ruas Vale Tudo, Reyes Gym Tijuana, Team Magnitude, Brawley Combat, Combat Grappling Alliance. Guests: Olaf Alonso,Vernon White, Dean Lister, Joe Moreira, Charlie Kohler. Erik "Bad"Apple for fighting whoever was put put in front of him, after his opponent dropped out!!Last I want to thank Mike Seal, and Cedric Marks for agreeing to fight each other on short notice. Fight of the night!! Next event will be Memorial Weekend!!!

eric can you bring a copy of the fight with you this week when you come down with wade?

no Eriq, thank you.

when can i get the vid.

I have fighters for the next show. I am interested.
email me at
Jeff Curran

you have mail OC,,, Hey Verdugo, you looked awesome in your fight..Will there be a rubber match with you 2?? And yes I will have video for you friday.. Jeff email me still a small show but fun as hell.....

Eriq, anywhere I can get pictures from this event to
use them on Charlies site?

how was the event?

where can I buy a video at or get the results

no video for this event still small.. Badbreed is supposed to carry some footage of event...

Hey Mike how did your fight go with Marks?

Hey Gorilla One of the reporters from Mexican newspaper is supposed to email me some pics. I will email you some as soon as I get them....Eric

eriq could you give me some results? please

didn't want any part of me standing and I was realy hard to take down,,, tko in the second,to bd t won't be on my sherdog record.



ttt for great show..