Totals on Allen Memorial?

At some point, I think it would be nice if the organizer of the Allen fundraiser could give us a total on the amount raised.

It would help encourage others in the future if we could see how powerful our generosity can be, how the UG can REALLY make a difference for those who need it.

For a bunch of brawlers, there are many of the biggest hearts here I have ever seen.

Merry Christmas from Team Jacare in North Dallas!

gotta go to work, keep this up pleeze!

top for givin' at Christmas!

I would throw in some more!



as of today the total in the account is $1,303.98 , however I do have one check here in hand and another on the way that would make it


That is with 27 people donating

I have nothing to give this year, unfortunately. My account is in the negative.

If I had a single cent to spare, it would definately be here.



Just read the threads out there about it. Frank started one yesterday that lists all the freebies that you get with your donation.

wow thats awesome! $1,503.98



Guys lets keep helping out, its for a great cause!

wow, that's awesome for 27 people. But it seems we could get a lot more people involved!



Send me a plug via e-mail at and I will plug it on the ADCC site - you'll get some donations.

This is the first I saw of this, and I want to help -shit, George fought for me a few times.