Tournament April 22nd

Just giving everyone plenty of notice...

XMA No gi Grappling tournament will be held on the 22nd of April at Box Hill aquatic centre (same place as the up coming ADCC trials)

IF you have any questions email or call 0419 365 970

Alternatively you can stay tuned for more updates and details


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Whats the turnout like for these events.

I am still trying to find out the date for the No-GI Comp run by the NSWBJJ. Rumour has it thats its the 17th of March, though its not confirmed.

I am keen to compete as much as I can this year.

This tournament has nothing to do with any existing BJJ organisation. It is a part of a tournament XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) and involves a regular Karate/martial arts tournament.

Anyone from anywhere can enter if they wish, no affiliation to any BJJ body is necessary.

It is the same weekend (day after the Vics) however, if people want to compete then they will...everyone whines about not having enough comps then people bitch about having them on dates that don't suit them...there are a limited amount of weekends in a year just letting those that are inclined to complain know...GET OVER IT

I've spoken with the organiser of the event, as the grappling is not the only thing on the agenda for the day. It may be possible to change the stay tuned and any updates of changes will be posted here.

So everyone...keep your legs together and refrain from lifting you skirts over your heads and running in circles hysterically


Women's divisions?

How's the school going, Dave?

It was a pre-emtive urge to refrain from panty bunching.

I was just speaking to the organiser and it may well be the week after the VICs. Things are being the shopping malls say...KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS SPACE

Peace Love and mung beans people

Free style...School goes good