Tournament of Champions VII

Details here:

I'm not a promoter or anything, just thinking about attending. I hosted the document. It was sent to my email.

I was wondering if anyone had some information about this event. Any help would be appreciated. I have never been. I am a 140lbs grappler with 8 months training. This seems to be run by Karate practionioners though, so I'm a little wary.

1) Is it a well run event?
2) How is the sparring run exactly?
3) If I'm only doing grappling (unsure at this time), how much is it for one event.
4) If its 2 they expect us to get a hotel or something? A little confused about that.

Any other information would be great. Thanks in advance.



Jebus Jim.You should know better than to post about a karate event with a grappling division on the UG.You could have just faced crosstrained you've gone and spilled the beans to the rest of the grappling community and ruined your fun.