Tournament Sanction Question

I saw a flyer for a tournament in Belleville which has an event called Duo Fighting. This is suppose to be a combination of stand up fighting and grappling. Is anyone here planning on competing in this event? Also, I am curious Is this event sanctioned by the CJA? If not how are they able to run it? Is there another group that can sanction this type of event (grappling)?


Whats the difference between the CJA and YJJC?

Website, email, date, venue? Thanks.

Feb. 21, Centennial High School, 10am has no website. But you can find the rules on
Could this be another way to sanction grappling events by going through the YJJC instead of CJA?
can someone clarify this up?



it is sports ju-jitsu,

Looks like there are three parts to their competiitions.

YJJC Fighting System is composed of 3 Parts :

Part 1 : Blows/strikes and kicks.
Part 2 : Throws, take downs, locks and strangulations.
Part 3 : Floor techniques, locks and strangulations.

The fighting time per match is divided into 2 rounds of 2 minutes each with a break of 1 minute in between.

2)Duo kata

The YJJC Duo System is aimed at presenting the defense of one contestant against a number of predetermined attacks from a contestant of the same team. The attacks are divided into 4 groups of 5 attacks each. The defense is completely at the defender's choice.

3) Self defense


I too am curious about this.

Is this competition sanctioned by the CJA? If not, how are they able to
have grappling in their competition? Is there another organization
which can sanction grappling competitions?

Liborio1: do you know anything about this?


Its kinda tough to understand, but theyre apparently sanctioned:

The YJJC is the National Governing Body (NGB) for Ju-Jitsu in the Canada under the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF)

Although, if you read the footnote, it sounds like they might be sanctioned under Judo Canada.

See points 4, 5, and 10 at and tell me if Im just dumb for being confused by this.

CBK, if and when this happens, I will be all over this and I am sure others will be too!

Im pretty sure this is going to happen I believe this is the 5th year having it. Can someone bring this issue up the next CJA meeting.

has anyone enter this before, is there any video clip, i am really confuse about the rules.

i am thinking of entering this, but there is no website, no contact, info, etc.

Go to this site

They are into this stuff. You could email a question there.


We have an issue here...:) Hopefully a good one, but I'm willing to bet it won't be.

It appears there is some issues here that need to be addressed.

It's a different form of Jiu-Jitsu, but I'll look into it more later on.

Robert Krantz at Milton JJJ, the head of the World Kobudo Federation Southern Ontario, told me that the WKF can sanction grappling tournaments throughout Canada. Why on earth Sport Ontario decided that a legitimate organization like the WKF had to go through the CJA to sanction tournaments is beyond me.

The truth is, few people are happy or comfortable with what is going with the CJA. The BJJ community is getting mixed signals, where on one hand, they are told getting CJA sanctioning will allow tournaments to resume, yet people willing to host tournaments are being denied sanctioning. If this justified resistance continues, we are going to have a situation similar to the gun registry where people are just not complying. Instead of a regular stream of CJA sanctioned open tournaments, clubs are going to be getting together for unadvertised double-elimination "training sessions" to keep their fighters sharp.

Any thoughts?

I participated in this tourny last year.
Here are some of the stranger rules:
- no closed guard.
- no triangle chokes (I got called for a spine lock)
- 20 seconds on the ground.
- no avoiding any phase (ie. shooting in to avoid striking).
- must wear white gi.
- last year I was in the advanced division which had no weight classes.
- no straight punches.
- no straight kicks.]
I will add more if I can think of them.

you are kidding right.

Well, i went onto the Milton JJ website, it seem that they are loosening up on the rules.

Do you have video clips of your tournament.

can you give more info,


lol@ these rules.