Tra vs Cabbage!

If not the UFC then ROTR...


GB im at work bro....

They have a firewall..AIM doesnt work here..

Email me and Ill email u right back



you should have my email everywhere!!!!

email sent

Please, no more Tra in the UFC.

y not Redneck?

tra vs andreo would be awesome


"y not Redneck? "

Has he ever won a fight in the UFC? His style is boring and he gets schooled by modern fighters. Thats my main reasons. I think all old school Lions Den guys should retire, including Ken.

Yesh he has won in the UFC...

He has 4 Belfort, twice to Rizzo, and Carlos Barreto...

He has alos beat Igor Vov...

I like to see him because he presses action and leaves everything out there...


I wouldn't say he's boring... at least not recently.

I'd love to see Tra fight in the UFC again. He comes to throw down every time.

His fight with Rizzo at UFC 43 was one of the best fights of the year. If he can make a fight with Rizzo exciting, he can make any fight exciting. :)

Tra vs. Cabbage sounds good to me