Tragic news for JoshSamman

Everyone send your thoughts & prayers out to Josh Samman & his friends and family. Josh lost his wife/life love earlier this week.

RIP Man. Truly sorry brother. Phone Post

I don't know who Josh is tbh but my thoughts are with him and his family.

Josh Samman from TUF17 Phone Post

Didn't watch it.

Fuck, a young guy huh? I hear it was some kind of accident.

shin2chin - I don't know who Josh is tbh but my thoughts are with him and his family.
He was on Jon Jones team on the previous season of TUF. Phone Post 3.0

Awful. Thoughts and prayers Josh. Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_Zacharinho - Awful. Thoughts and prayers Josh. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post

really sad man

I met a lot of his friends/family at the TUF Finale in Vegas. Sat and talked with one of his best friends during the weigh ins, he had a great supporting cast that night. Sad to hear this news. Prayers are with you Josh. Phone Post 3.0

lloks like it was a car accident. very sad oh man, i feel for Josh and really feel for the girls family.

heart goes out to him, terrible news

Terrible news. Tuf can have you form opinions on people though clever editing, I hope he gets the space and respect needed during a time like this...the internet's ability to protect people's anonymity allows them to say some truly reprehensible stuff. Look at war machines twitter as a recent example.

There was a guy who posted ppb here ages ago about time spent with Josh at one of the small local shows he was running and he seemed to be a really great guy. Phone Post





What the fuck? No way.....that's terrible. RIP. Heart goes out to you, Josh.

Wow, horrible. I can't imagine. Phone Post 3.0

prayers for Josh

This sucks , hope he can keep his head up after the grieving process and put his life back together ...

Best wishes for josh ...

This should be stickies so if josh happens to pop on the UG he can see the support go knows it may help a lot ... Phone Post 3.0

Really sad news. Praying for josh. Phone Post 3.0

Prayers are with him and the family Phone Post 3.0

That's heart breaking :'( Phone Post