Trained with a newbie "Spaz" today

Today in class new guy shows up from another school waiting to try our Thai Boxing class, cool right? Wrong! this kid was totally spazzing out with his punches no control just punching wildly at the focus mitts then when I went to correct the guy and politely asked "please don't whack as hard as you can at the FOCUS mitts" and take your time learn the technique he would say "oh that's how I'm used to punching when I street fight".My coach would keep pairing us up during all the drills at one point we where training elbows slowly just to get the correct form again this kid was just power bombing all his techniques. Good times

When we had an unhinged bruiser join the club, whacking people around Ronnie Green, my old coach used to ask him to use control. The guy said he hadn't any.

Ronnie grinning explained everyone had control. He asked him to walk to the wall where a corner was jutting out and asked him to kick it.

Of course the guy pulled his kick, and Ronnie exclaimed that he had just found his control and to use this from now on.

He didn't put him down in front of the class, just found a funny way to demonstrate his point.

Brilliant!! I'll have to use Mr. Green's technique soon.

thats awesome!!

Good tip, I was just venting and thought I would get some feed back from you guys. Ive actually been injured to the point I had to go to the ER to have my eye looked at while training with one new guy.

That has got to be the most hilarious (and effective) way of teaching control.

Of course, it would've been hilarious if the guy full power kicked the corner with his shin and then dropped screaming his head off.

That was great a very professional way of handling it

yeah but the video of Ronnie Green taking that tool out would really make a great post.

Ronnie Green is a cool guy, and so underrated by people who don't know the sport because he really is just so very friendly and funny. when I was learning with him, he used to stress all the time that we never show off or abuse our abilities. He explained that we might feel like superman after smashing the pads in a class, but out on the streets we were messing with Godzilla and and his friends from Jurassic Park and the only way to survive would be to run. 'Made sense as Manchester was well rough in those days.

I once trained in another school where where I later learned that the instructor was a renown Triad hatchet man. Classes were full on and lots of injuries and knockouts there. There was a muscleman student who used to thrash smaller guys, but he once vocally complained that he was being roughed up by another tough guy. The instructor blew up and went seriously mental somehow turning the situation confrontational shouting the muscleman down as a hyprocrite and asking if he'd like to fight him instead. The school closed down when he went on the run after apparently being involved in some attacks!!!

HOw about the guy who agrees to "tap" and upon greatest opportunity unleashes a full power straight to your face?

I fault myself for leaving my guard down but these guys sometimes need a lesson about control, which I gladly obliged.

People spazz for various reasons, for some its a power thing, for others they simply don't know better. In combat sports its all about the learning so whenever someone knowingly reduces my learning to a brawl, I think its perfectly fine to brawl back:)

It all comes down to fear. Fear of getting beat, fear of coming across as a puss, fear that the other guy is better than you. these people you mention are nothing but afraid.

I agree but I would only add that some people are just truely a "Spazz". Just too damn dumb to comprehend the difference between training and figthing.