If you ever get the chance to train with Telles or attend a seminar YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED!

it was honestly one of the best seminars I have ever attendend and the techniques and principles he was teaching there were easy to add into my game right away.

Telles also rolled with EVERYONE at the seminar. His english is very good and believe me when i tell you he is a beast on the mat.

the topics covered were Turtle and Octopus guard. When my students send me the pictures ill post.

Mark Turner
Demian Maia Jiu Jitsu

Telles is one of my faves. Did he have any tips on octupus guard with gi? I've been looking for some more game w/ that, but most of the material is no gi. Can you go over some of the techs?

He just seems like a cool cat.

All those years with Terere must have really helped his Jiujitsu and creativity! He's awesome!!!

 Man Telles is great, I use his turtle sweeps all the time, i haven't dove into the octopus stuff but I'm sure it's great.

I wish we could get one of his seminar's around here.

Telles is one of my favorite guys. There are some vids floating around of him rolling at seminars... amazing.

Robhustle. the seminar was all gi and the octopus guard was covered. a little difficult to type out the techniques on the forum though. a quick recap...telles went over a couple of ways to take the back from the octopus as well as a couple of sweeps. I really found value in his counters to when the opponent switches the hips and counters the octupus guard.

like i said before. if you ever get a chance to train with telles! it is well worth your time!

I was at the same seminar and completely agree with marcovia. Telles is a super nice guy.

The techniques can really be added to your game right away, of course you need to suffer through the pain of not getting them right away.

I need to watch the turtle dvd's again..I picked up a few sweeps but need to drill

Was good stuff!

The octopus dvd seemed to be a work in progress at the time and a game he is still developing.

Seems like a funny cat

Cool vids Vegard!

Thanks for posting man

if you cant get to train with Telles for sure pick up the dvds. you can get them at


 Eduardo Telles will be a guest instructor at the Pedro Sauer training camp in the DC area June 12, 13 14.  Here's your chance to train with him AND Pedro Sauer.

You can find more info at: