Training at Gokor's/LeBells ??

Anyone have experience with Gokor/Lebell Academy in Hollywood? What do you think about the school and the fighters and what and how they teach?

Hey Kungfucrew.
From what I can tell they teach a lot of submission grappling and judo and sambo. Im not sure if they are great in BJJ and submission tournaments or maybe teaching NHB and street fighting. I know Gokor and Lebell are legit thats why I was hoping some people n here would know more.

I have heard lots of great things about their classes.  Gene LeBell is a legend.  I would recommend checking it out.  Note:  Don't mess with the guy with the pink gi, LOL.

Gary Hughes

Gene LeBell is not just Judo. He has stated that he learned most of his submission stuff from the late great Lou Thesz, while Gene was a journeyman pro wrestler in the 1950s. Gene has said that Thesz could defeat ANY grappler of today, including the Gracies, Machados, etc., and that Lou Thesz was the toughest man he has ever met.

CrazyLatinNYC, stop making up stories.


Gene and Gokors is an awesome place to train throws, takedowns, and the entire ground game. It is deffinetly one of the best schools in those areas in the world. You will hear good and bad things about any school, but the bottom line is that you should check as many in your area out as possible and make your own decision. I often drive 35 hours one way just to train at Gene and Gokors... it's that great of a place. Just show up to learn with a good attitude and you will deffinetly improve in your throws/ takedowns/ grappling game!

Vince Fields

Besides Judo Gene has a very good sense of humor.  He's still tough as nails from what I heard, BTW.


gee. i wonder.. karo is from gokor's.. karo's doing really well in MMA and he did pretty good in judo nationally.. they have had 2 other guys on the Jr. WOrld team too..

nah. the place is shit. (insert: saracsm)

phenomenal grappling school. very aggressive style (which I like) and world class judo/sambo guys. the don't teach "jiu jitsu" but they do teach no gi grappling. check it out, and be ready to tap!

Gokor is a great grappler and teacher, I used to train with a friend of Gokor's on the East Coast, Gokor came out a few times, he's as good as any BJJ BB I've trained with.