Training at South Jersey shore

Does anyone know of a place at the South Jersey Shore, Ventnor/Margate/Ocean city area where I can drop in on Sat morning BJJ class throughout the summer months?

I also have mats and am wondering if there is anyone looking for some BJJ training or rolling early on Saturdays in the summer?

I train in sommers point , sat is no gi drop me a line @

You at the LA Boxing in Somers Point?


No, yamasaki

Yamasaki is in Somers Point?

Nice... I'm around there for work a couple times a week..


Its at international karate Tuesday and Thursdays with sat a no gi day, we have a yamasaki BB instructor some brown purple and a bunch of blues.I have trained at alot of places and this place is great

Really appreciate it,Maui. What time is the Sat class?

10 am