Training @ ATT HQ in FL???

I was hoping to get some information from anyone that trains at the ATT in Coconut Creek, FL. I am looking at this school as well as Carlos Rollyson's school in Davie (which I may be leaning more towards?)

I wanted to ask anyone that's training at ATT:

  1. What do you pay per month for unlimited classes at ATT?

  2. What do you typically pay for privates @ ATT?

  3. Why do you train there and not at any other S. Florida BJJ school?

  4. How do you compare the effectiveness of the teaching @ ATT (BJJ game improvement) over other schools?

I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Thanks Spicoli, I appreciate your help and your feed-
back. $100 sounds cheap...I am sure they must have
raised their prices since then.

By the look of their facility and the talent that
seems to be available I bet it's around double that.

How's things going @ your new school w/ Daniel Valverde?

Thanks again...much appreciated :)


I had talked with 'Carlao' through email, one of
the guys at ATT and I will be heading there when
I finalize my move.

Spicoli, I had looked up that guy and he does have
an impressive 'resume'. He's under Hermes Franca
and I guess they parted ways from ATT a little while
back. I'm not sure about the deal with training at
other schools/instructors outside of ATT...I'd have
to check on that as I wouldn't want to piss anyone
off at ATT.

I have heard of Dedeco's school. Did they have anyone
at the latest NAGA tournament (Bryant Univ/R.I.)?


I'm a minnesota blue belt. I dropped by and trained with Daniel Valverde while on vacation. He instructs at two schools. Each is within about a few miles of each other in south beach, miami so you should check out both gyms. I feel one school is better than the other but I will not name names, sorry. Either way Daniel is good shit on and off he mat. I had only known him for about 45 mins and he was giving me rides in his personal automobile. From my one day experience the class size is small so your training partners are limited but it seems they have a handful of dedicated legit guys. Their core group is good people. Daniel gets my vote.
You can contact him at...

Thanks for the info Spicoli & beerbaron, I really appreciate it. I'll find out from ATT (and/or Carlos directly if possible) how they feel about training at other academies (or other instructors) outside of ATT...while you're an ATT team member.

Either way, can't wait to start training and working my @$$ off :)

I'll check out right now. Daniel seems like a nice guy beerbaron...

In regards to training at other gyms while you are a ATT member is up to you.  However in tournaments, competition, adn the like which gym are you going to be? 

You need to talk that with the instructors, but I will tell you BJJ mentality is not the same as Judokas or Wrestlers.

Now about Daniel Valverde!  He is a great guy!  He did not get his BB from Hermes, he has been a BB for a while from Minotauro.  He has a solid Judo background and he is a very good instructor.  He is a good friend to many of the guys in the team, myself included.

One of the best and under-rated BJJ guys in the US!!!! He lost to Diego Sanches in ADCC, but it was his first main tournament without the GI. Daniel Valverde is GREAT!

Now get your behind here and start training!

Is that the gym where you have to make your way through the weight lifting area, down some tunnels, up some stairs and unlock a cage with a key? I thought they would be a peice of cheese at the end of that maze.
I might have met you before. I only visited the gym for a day.