Training benefits

I've narrowed down why I like to train so much to a few things.

1. The high you get from rounds of sparring and the feeling after a really good training session. Anyone that trains knows exactly what I mean. It's hard to describe, but the feeling is awesome!

2. The high from any prescribed Vicodine or other pain killer after a training injury. That's where I'm at right now, it's a good place, and I feel no guilt like I would if I had gone out drinking or something.

3. The training effect on my life as a whole. Martial arts helped me become confident as a child. I continued training when I was a teen so I could be a good fighter if someone messed with me. now as an adult, I have ZERO desire to ever be in a streetfight, no desire to hurt anyone, and I dislike violence very much. Being in good shape is a plus, but I train hard for that feeling of mental peace and clarity. It's the best drug in the world.

P.s. Before you suggest safer training or mental help, please note that point # 2 was kind of a joke due to the fact that I have an injury and had to take Vicodine today. I don't drink often and I never use drugs. I also don't get hurt very often either.

So, the question is why do you guys train? I know alot of you guys coach as do I, but the question is not why you teach but why you train. Please discuss.

TTT for vicatin!

I enjoy a lot the training is like a game

-I trained as a kid because it helped my self-esteem and self-confidence by giving me a sense of accomplishment.

-I train now because it's fun, it's a great social activity, it's regular exercise for the mind and body, and it's a challenge. It allows me to grow each and every day by pushing myself just a little (or many times, a lot). It makes me safer and keeps my ego in check. It helps me fine tune my "deeeed-sexy bod-ay" and gives me something for my overactive brain to keep busy on. It's productive, innovative, and enjoyable.

I love to train!