Training between fights

How does the training schedule of a typical pro boxer look in between fights? Meaning, when they have just finished a fight, how long do they take a TOTAL break from training (i.e. no sparring, hitting the bag, focus mitts, etc.)? And when do they begin training again even if they have no fight yet on the horizon? And of what activities does their training consist and in what quantities when not preparing for a fight? How many rounds? What activities?

It differs.

I'll give you a couple of examples using guys I know pretty well.

Paulie Ayala is never away from the gym for long. He was back in a couple of weeks after losing big to Morales, for example.

Kirk Johnson, by contrast, is.

i know a couple pros i've been around usually take about a week or 1 1/2 weeks off after the fight, to let everything heal up and then they are back in the gym chopping away.

james toney was reportedly back in the gym the day after he beat holyfield.

alot of times if they are in the gym it seems they are only working out lightly to keep everything flowing, not full out training

Hey guys,

If they are in the gym and not going full out since they have no fight scheduled to train for, what do these "light", between fight (yet not in camp) workouts look like? Could you give me some specific details about quantity, frequency, and duration?

I know you cannot give me a specific workout, but could someone maybe post a sample of a pro-fighter's training during a fight (and its intensity and duration and the activities involved) and they also post that same fighter's training between a fight (and the intensity, duration, and activities involved)?