Training in Brisvegas

will be in brisvegas next week and would like to try and get some training in while i am there. I am not sure what days i will be able to do some training.

Zviggy if you can give me the new times you guys train it would be good.

Also Matt and Ken if its cool i would love to come down and have a roll if time permitted. if you could email me with your class times


Hi Hamish,

Hit the following link for class times...

It'd be good to see you if you can make it.


well stuff ya then! You're not welcome on the Coast anyway ;)

- Juggs

Juggs fine be like that see if i care bloody hell you meet chuck, bas and ron and look what happens to you;)

I do not think i will be able to get down the coast this time. I may try for friday grapple at shindo if time allows, does not look good though.

Ken thanks for the info, i will try to get along to one of your classes while i am over.

Just lookin' thru the ranks etc at the Adrenaline site and noticed McGoo (which I was told about) but what about Mich Jack? is that the same MJ that was training with McGoo occassionally in Canberra?

If so, WTF is going on here? I was informed McGoo moved up their with his Girlfriend not MJ.

You Queenslanders scare me :-(

Michael Jack started training solidly with me in 1995. He moved down south to chase work opportunities approx 2000/2001.

He still comes home for a visit from time to time.

Naturally when he moved to Canberra to work, he trained with Michael Mcgee as both were classmates up here before they spread their wings.


hey hamish,

you're more than welcome. my gyms open 7 days a week with classes day and night. the website for the gym itself is - (doenst include my martial arts class times though - am about to get up a seperate site for that. will email you with all the details).


ps. living in canberra does funny things to a man

cool, hopefully i can get away from the family for a couple hours each day to do some training.

Living in Canberra, try growing up there!