training in Huntington WV ?

Anyone anywhere?

thanks :-)


top for some help please

Here. We have a school in Huntington... Ground Zero (a Jorge Gurgel affiliate school).

You live in Huntington? Train with anyone?

answer here and then email me

Talk with you soon.


Ground Zero, definitely.



TTT Ground Zero would be a great school. Take care and train hard!!!


Call me...614-288-0398

- Dustin Ware


When did you get a red name??
When are you coming in again?
I will get those seminar dates to you soon.


I got the POWER!!!

Just let me know about those seminars.

As for me, I will be in for that event on Feb. 5th. I will be in on that Friday to work with any of the guys wanting to learn some of the new Muay Thai Drills I have been picking up from my students, and also some new MMA drills that should help the guys.

I also have a questions for you, so be on the look out for an email.


- Dustin