Training in Indonesia

I have a question for you Australasia fellas,

im spending the summer in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and was wondering if you knew of any schools to train at while im there.

i've been doing BJJ once a week (I wish it was more) for about 9 months now, and have also trained off and on in Muay Thai for about a year...those are the styles i'd like to continue, but i'm open to anything (Judo, etc.) If you guys have any suggestions i'd really appreciate it.


I am really not sure what the Indonesian presense is like on this forum. I bet there are heaps regarding sticks and knives. I believe the javanese have a strong warrior history. (truth is I really don't know much about the subject).

I'd love to train in indonisia.... I'd have 40 kg on my heaviest opponent..

Try this guy

UncleGruntly....I know what you 6'8 and 250 (113.39 kg...gotta get used to metric)

Blackangel, can you give me any info on who that guy is?

thanks again

The couple of times I have been there I couldnt find any BJJ.
Plenty of karate schools around though.

damn...thanks chokemasta, saves me a lot of time when i get there

actually, im going to the university over the summer to learn bahasa indonesia, I can't speak it now, so it should make for an interesting time if not many people speak english.

kilgore79 Raymoe has been training about a year and will be working in Jakarta in June. I know he has been actively searching for clubs to train at, perhaps he can offer some assitance.


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