training in New York (Manhattan)

Hi everybody, i am currently on a holiday over here in the USA, and have been training in Hollywood, next im in New York, can anyone recommend some good no gi submission places in Manhattan, hopefully with takedowns too?
As always, help is much appreciated.

Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu


renzo,fabio clemente,Marco Santos.

Ronin Athletics. No gi class on Mondays, and Thursday's class is standup and takedowns.


Mildly Retarded,

thanks for the plug, but just to clarify ...

No-Gi day is on Monday and the class is typically two hours long but we usually open train and roll well past 8pm. a good hour+ of open roll time.

Thursday's class focuses on striking, clinch, and takedowns but we do leave open mat time to roll No-Gi at the end of class. our No-Gi classes actually tend to be the most popular. as far as the Gi day goes, it doesn't stop people from taking their Gi tops off and rolling No-Gi anyways. they all wanna-be Eddie Bravo and forsake the Gi, i guess ;-)

in regards to this:

"also there focus is on mma and striking"

the MMA aspect of our curriculum, like everything else, is something that works on a rotation. our base and fundamentals are still in BJJ/Submission Wrestling.
So while i personally have a background in MMA and the striking arts in particular, my love and emphasis in training and teaching now is on BJJ/grappling, and has been for the last couple of years. i think we do focus and integrate the MMA into our Jiu-Jitsu and stand up training in a very efficient and fun way, and that that is one of the main things that sets us apart as a gym. But i would argue that those are simply different facets of our base.

When i define MMA, i will say its a hybrid of stand up (boxing/muay thai) clinch (wrestling/muay thai) and ground (BJJ) with my personal bias being in the opposite order. we are definitely not a striking arts based school, i would most definitely point someone in the right direction if thats what they were looking for.

I also plan on adding more training days and expanding our schedule in the coming year.


I couldn't recommend Ronin Athletics and Christian Montes as a coach enough. The guy knows his stuff and holds nothing back.

Big ups to Christian and his crew.

I have to agree and say go with Ronin Athletics. Top notch as far as im concerned.


lost your email. could you shoot me your contact info again ( are you still working at EA??

really gotta get together and catch up/train some.

hope all is good!

Ditto on Ronin Athletics. Christian is a great coach and an exceptionally well rounded fighter.

you know u have to choose what u like, but take the chance to meet/train at Renzos, its an experience and Renzo is cool as hell