training in Rochester, NY

I am looking for a place to do judo, bjj, or submission wrestling. or to train with someone I come into town to visit my girlfriend every month or so and stay about 1 week

email me or give me a shout.

She lives in Clyde, NY, close to exit I-90 exit 41

Ps Kyle Saunder BJJ club is a bit too far for me.


Try these guys:


Peloton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

taught by Alliance/Team Jacare BJJ Blackbelt Alexandre "Grandao" Dos Santos Dantas.

If Kyles is too far then you don't mean training in Rochester.

Sorry, I am not familiar with the areas in Rochester. My finacee live in the Finger Lake area. So you are correct that is Rochester is not too far.

I am just so use to driving 20-25 minutes to do training either in Judo, BJJ, or Thai-boxing/Knock down karate in Toronto, that I feel driving an hour is a bit too much.

But i guess that is whats going to happen when I move down there sometime this year.

She live in such a small town, that there is nothing in town, other than a fake martial art school, and several TKD school, and 1 gym with unconvenient hours.

By the way I went to a monday class last week at Empire Judo , and it was very cool, very relax lay back class.


When I would visit my mother on the southwest end of Canandaigua Lake, it would take me about 45 - 50 minutes to get to Kyle's class, if that is any help.

Rich Salamone