Training in Salvador, Bahia?

I thought would be intresting to go to Brazil, but instead of the gringo-filled Rio, I'd love to go to Salvador. Anybody been there? What's the scene like and what teams/JJers have academies there?



Edson Carvalho has a beautiful school in Bahia. It's currently being run by his brother Ricardo. I know several people who have trained there and say it's off the hook. It's right on the beach!

Ive trained there. I was there for a month last year. Actually hired an apartment on the beach in Porto de barra and stumbled across the academy which was literally on the corner of my block.

its an open air matted area that looks straight out to the ocean. Sensei ricardo takes most of the morning classes, which are populated by a number of black, brown, purple and blue belts. From what i gathered if you are a gringo you have to be invited to the early morning sessions where most of the guys are at. usually this is achieved by going to one of the evening classes and training really hard - showing you commitment is your ticket to the family.
they are a great bunch of guys who love to joke around.

If i could i would be back in a heart beat, but living in Australia somewhat limits that possibility.

I spent almost three years living in Bahia. Edson's school is a great place to train. Ricardo is an awesome guy. Boco has it right. The school runs classes in the morning and afternoons. It's right in Barra (not the beach in Rio) and is easily accessible. I've also trained with Nilton Ferreria in Bom Fin. This is a bit out of the way. But there are small schools all over Salvador that you can train at. Go with Edson's, though, and check out the others at your convenience.