training in SF/Oakland?

Im going to be in town thursday evening (staying at the MARRIOTT OAKLAND CITY CENTER) is there anyplace close that trains MMA or Bjj?

There's a Ralph Gracie satellite school in Berkeley/Oakland. Or you can
go to SF, and train at Fairtex. BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai. I'm sure there are
other places too.

Theres a gym on 15th and MLKjr Way in Oakland, about six blocks
from the hotel. Pacific Kickboxing, 1431 MLKjr Way. 510 444 5269.

"Isn't Cesar's in SF? "

No, Cesar's is in Pleasant Hill.

Jake and Gil run a Gracie Program at Fairtex however.

this means jack to that anywhere close to where i am staying?

ralph gracie in mountain view, ceasar gracie in concord, fairtex in SF, AKA in San jose. oh yea in the city of oakland somewhat near the downtown area (marriott) is kings boxing gym, US gold medalist andre ward trains there , that might be interesting

"this means jack to that anywhere close to where i am staying? "

Well maybe you should specify how close then. A ten mile drive from Oakland to SF is close enough for me. If you want something walking distance, try Pacific Ring Sports. It's about a half a mile walk from your hotel.

Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ and MMA offered.

FearMir, are you affiliated with Pacific Ring Sports?

If so, I see on the website that you offer MMA training on Saturday's which I like. Is there a per session drop in fee, month to month, or are students required to sign a long term contract?

Also, what's the philosopy there regarding allowing students to train at other places?

Sorry I actually train at Fairtex not Pacific Ring Sports.

I do know that the guys are great whenever I have been there for events and the instructors are Fairtex certified trainers.

The BJJ teacher/MMA grappling instructor, is Sergio Silva. I trained with Sergio for a little while at his academy and Sergio is an amazing instructor.

As far as prices and stuff, you would have to contact them directly.

Thanks for the info.

im not sure if you got a ride there but there is a claudio franca gym in well as another gym.but i cant remember the name though.just look up claudio name on the web.youll find a link and directions to his gym in OAK.

I'll at least give you credit sakuuuu...that was funny