Training in Vermont?

A friend of mine is moving back to Vermont in the next week or so. I was wondering if there were any gyms you guys could recomend. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

In Burlington there is Catamount BJJ and also Julio Fernandez (a Carlson Gracie BB) has a school .


Every time I go to Vermont I train with Chris Owenz who runs Catamont BJJ in Burlington, Vt.

I can't speak highly enough of Chris as an instructor. He has an awesome school with some great competitors and he runs an amazing class. I have been training longer then Chris and I learn something every time I train with him.

Their site is:
but I think it's down right now. You should be able to e-mail him at:

Good luck!




Thanks a millon guys, its really appreciated. Looks like Catamount BJJ is perfect. Thanks again.