Training near Dothan?

 Hey guys, a good friend and training partner is relocating to the Dothan area.

So of course, he needs a decent (and fair priced) place to train.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Contact my instructor Joe, he does workshops at a place near dothan. some of their guys often compete with us at tournaments in georgia as well. you can reach him through our website.

what's he wanting to do? mma? bjj?

I don't do the mma thing anymore or train any "potential fighters", just bjj over at firehouse gym. $20 a month. welcome to call or come by.

If he's wanting to fight or continue mma, two places: wolfpack mma in dothan and wiregrass mma up the road in ozark. I don't train with either one so I couldn't tell you anything about them. Check them out and decide for yourself.


aaron cornett

wiregrass mma is the gym i was refering to. i have been there with joe to help with a seminar and i know they have a good program for mma as well as bjj. i don't know much about firehouse gym though. i would check them both out. if you go by wiregrass, talk to mike nettlingham and tell him the guys from afc bjj sent you, he may hook you up.

Make sure you check out Wolfpack MMA like countrypimp said. They have a good mma program, a good boxing program, and a good BJJ program taught by a really good brown belt under Carlos Machado black belt Alvis Solis. The class has a lot of white belts with some very good blue belts (occasionally a grumpy old purple belt will show up too). Some of the guys compete locally in BJJ and no-gi tournaments, as well as in NAGA in Atlanta and have done very well. Look around and find the school with the vibe that is right for you.