Training Opportunity!!!

Live-Ins Available $500 CDN a month Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy Canada's Premier MMA facility Vernon, BC, Canada 1-888-5FIGHTS,
Evolution MMA would like to extend an invitation to Canadians and Americans who are interested in taking the step to the next level.

Evolution is nestled in The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia and boasts awesome training weather year round with minimal snow and a quiet small community as well. Evolution is a 40 minute flight from Seattle Washington, and a 6 hour drive from Calgary Alberta or 4 hours from Vancouver BC.

Monthly fighter live-ins are $500 Canadian and has you living in the academy and also gives you full access 24/7. Evolution includes: private live-in fighters area (bedrooms), huge caged matt space (brand new 2" wrestling matts), 20X20 sanctioned boxing ring, full cardio and free weights area, hot tubs, saunas, all linens/towels to fighters, huge 10X10 TV screen in lobby for fight nights, every piece of fight gear needed, fighters only laundry room, cable in bedrooms, internet access and numerous part time job opportunities in the community.

Barb Taylor
Owner Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy
250-503-8320 (cell)


sounds very interesting.

what kind of part time job opportunites are there? will food be provided?

how is the training structured?


What kind of job opportunities?

As far as jobs go, there are about thirty adds in the local paper right now, ranging from capenters, plumbers and other trades, to restaurant and retail.

There are also a couple of mills in the area that pay well, and the ski resort will be open soon, so there are lots of opportunities as well.

Jackyl.....Dan Theodore and Gary armbrust both train here. We've also got one guy who's had a few boxing fights at about 185-205.

Food unfortunatly will not be provided. If that was the case i'de never leave ;)

If anyone wants any information about the schedule, drop me an email and I will send it out to you. It is not working on the website right now.

hmmm.. i don't really know what to say bro i train at quite a few places due to where i live.. Boxing, thai-boxing, ground work gi and no gi, wrestling ect.. pretty much the standard skill set most fighters look to attain.

right now i weight 192 fight at 185 but after january i plan to make my run at bigger fights and compete in the 170 lbs division

train with a lot of good guys at various places i wont even try to name them all since i will leave someone out but yeah i always welcome good partners.