training overload?

i am training twice a day everyday. i like training and i want to get better but i just feel like sometimes i am being overloaded with alot of different techniques instead of getting really good at one or two. plus i have been getting frustrated more and i never feel fully recovered. at the same time though i dont want to miss a class where we learn something real important. any ideas or suggestions to better my trainging?

if you are young and fit it is possible to train twice a day
but heres some tips;
1-write down the techniques you learn you'll be amazed how it helps
things stick in your head.
2-sometimes just turn up for the rolling not the technique.
3-sometimes just turn up for the technique not the rolling.
4-Listen to your body;if youre tired take a couple of days off.
5-take a proper REST day every week.
6-sleep 9/10 hours every night
7-No coffee & alchohol
8-dont eat shit;proper nutrition
9-drink gallons of water
10-take glucosamine all year round.