training question for MFS guys

Hi. I'm 20 years old and I want to begin training seriously. My goal is to fight in mma matches. My training background consists of some kung fu stuff and a little bit of grappling. For all intensive purposes, lets just say I'm starting from scratch. Now, based on your experience how should I begin?

A. Specialize in something first. Maybe train boxing/Muay Thai intensively for 2 years or so and then switching to bjj, judo, wrestling, etc.


B. Jump right into mixed training. There are several schools near me that do bjj/kickboxing split during the week.

Which option would make me learn fighting as a whole faster? Does it matter? Do I want to be a guy like Crocop who dominates one style or maybe a guy like GSP who seems to be a jack of all trades?


Work on being well rounded right away. Train in all aspects of fighting as soon and as much as you can.