Training Update No. 7

Well, I'm happy to report that I am still making progress, though the progress is coming at a much slower pace now.

My weight at the start of my workout yesterday was 189.5 lbs. But my weight has been fluctuating up and down lately between the low-to-mid 190's. I'm still not confident enough to walk around without a tshirt on, though. LOL

I am back to running a few times a week. My body is really sore from Monday's workout. I really, really pushed the class HARD Monday evening. We went on a mile run (actually, I ran TWO miles b/c I started before class), and then we ran a series of 40-yard sprints. I ran 6 of them, but my class ran 8. Then, during the workout, we did 15 minutes of clinchwork STRAIGHT (switching partners occassionally, but NO BREAKS)

I had 17 students attend Monday nights class, and 16 attended Wednesday nights class. Even though I've gotten an influx of new students, I'm able to keep the pace of class up so that everyone is getting a good workout.

My assistant instructor, Kru Eric, is back in town for the next month. He has been down in Columbia, South Carolina where he got to train at an AUTHENTIC Muay Thai camp. Kongnapa trains there (the Thai boxer who just did a major seminar with Kru Phil Nurse). Eric did a lot of work and cleaned up his technique a lot. Not that he had any real faults before, but now he's that much better! He's helping me out a lot by showing me what he's learned since he's been away, and helping me clean up my own technique.

We also have learned Master K's COMPLETE Ram Muay. When Eric first began training at the SC Muay Thai camp, the head instructor (Ajarn) requested that he perform his Ram Muay. Eric performed the Ram Muay as Master K and I teach it. The Ajarn asked, "What about the rest of it?"

When Master K taught us our Ram Muay, he admitted that he only taught the parts that he remembered. There was really only one missing part. But the Ajarn was able to also teach my assistant instructor the small details to pay attention to while performing your Ram Muay that make it truly spectacular. He was also taught two alternate Ram Muay's while down there. I will attempt to learn those, too, while he is still with us!

One thing that we have discovered about my own technique is that because of all the weight I've lost, my body mechanics have changed. I'm no longer throwing my roundhouse kicks correctly because my center of gravity has moved, and I'm "forcing" my kicks rather than just kicking naturally. So I will be focusing on that detail over the next few weeks.

There are also some tactical details that my assistant, Kru Eric, learned from the Ajarn in SC. I will be picking Eric's brain to learn these as well while he is still with us.

The bottom line, though, is that my own personal training has taken a backseat at this time so that I can focus on training my fighters. I have a group of guys that I'm trying to take to Virginia Beach to fight at the coming King of the Ring event.

Khun Kao

Thai Kingdom Muay Thai Academy


the owner is named Sam

Khun kao, the school you mentioned in this thread must be pretty good with it technical side of training. Are there any other schools or trainers that are known for similar aspects of training?Thanks.

Please understand that this is rather subjective. In my experience, all successful gyms are technical because fitness and conditioning only account for part of fight preparation.

I can only tell you about the ones that I have personal experience training with, or seeing in action. Also, please note that I am only listing gyms that produce pure Muay Thai fighters.

Master Vut in California

Sityodtong in Boston and Pattaya, Thailand (I have to be honest, I don't have "personal" experience with this gym or its fighters, but I have seen Master Yod Tong's instructional tapes, and my instructor, Master K who is listed below is impressed with Sityodtong. He is also friends with Ajarn Tui at their camp in Pattaya. Bottom line is that Master K's endorsement is enough for me!)

Kru Phil Nurse in NYC

Master Kumron "K" Vaitayanonta in Paterson, NJ

EXTREME Lacosta in NYC (But I've only seen their fighters once)

Master Toddy in Las Vegas

Thai Kingdom MT Academy in Columbia, SC

One Spirit Muay Thai in Herndon, VA (my gym! you have to take this with a grain of salt because we're only just now beginning to put a fight team together. Whether or not we are successful remains to be seen)

Coban Lookchaoseethong (sp?) in NY (forget exactly where his camp is, and I also have to admit that I have only seen ONE of his fighters compete)

MT Academy USA in Verona, PA outside of Pittsburgh. (I don't know if this Academy is still around or not, but they had some damned good fighters back in the mid-90's)

Linxx Academy in Germantown, MD (I don't know the current status of their Muay Thai program. The last I was aware, they were not training fighters. But three of their instructors are former MT Champs)

Master Kham Philavong of Los Angeles, CA (my assistant instructor, Kru Eric Kolesar, is certified under Master Kham. I have learned a number of alternative training techniques and strategies from Kru Eric regarding Master Kham's Muay Thai style)

The ones listed above are the ones that I have some sort of personal experience with. Beyond those, there are a few that I have had good reports of.

Sakasem "Sem" Kanyavong (I have not seen any of his fighters compete, but I personally know that Sakasem is a badass! I fought on the same card as he did outside of State College, PA back in 1994 when he was with Fairtex)

Saeksan Janjiri (Same as with Sakasem. I have not "seen" any of his fighters, but have heard very good things. I also fought on the same card as Saeksan back in 1994 outside of Pittsburgh, PA)

Duke Roufus (I have heard nothing but good things about Duke, his gym, and his instructional tapes. But have no personal experience with him other than the occassional words exchanged between us here on the Kickboxing Forum. I wonder if he still visits?)

Methee Jepdeetek (I shouldn't even TRY to spell his last name, I always butcher it! LOL! I've heard amazing things about him, too, but have no personal experience with him to speak of)

I need to point out that this list is not truly complete. I *have* had experience with many, many Muay Thai instructors and gyms, but the ones above are the ones that either impressed me the most, I have some sort of contact with regularly, or popped into my mind as I'm writing this. I will undoubtedly have a few more pop into my head later on that I will come back and add to the list.

Khun Kao

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