training while in another country?

From what I know about health insurance in america it only covers your healthcare in america. I often hear of people training while visiting another country like thailand, brazil, etc. Those of you who have, were you just really careful or did your insurance cover healthcare in other countries? What about Gracie camps where people fly in from other countries? I'm just a bit paranoid right now because I really want to do some training in another country, but can't afford expensive casts and stuff on my own if I get injured.


You can get hurt walkin your doggie. Dont be afraid to go train in another country because your worried about injuries, you'll miss out on a great experience.

Get travel insurance.

I don´t know if you can buy this when you´re in USA going to other countries. But i bought this in Europe when i was going to USA, travel insurance for students and other young people (i dunno your age so maybe your not eligable for this). Was pretty cheap IMO, paid 200$ for 3 months in USA and that was with extra money for hazardous sports insurance.

On a sidenote i´m still waiting for my reimbursment from the one time i had to use this insurance, i haven´t gotten it yet and it´s been a while :/

The insurance I got was just a stadar package it covered martial arts and boxing training just not competing, it cost £70.

Travel insurance...good idea Silk. I'll look into that.

colenj2, I realize you're from the UK, but the package you got...was that for any country or just UK? If it was for any country do you have a link for their website?