Training with bands

I was reading an article in older Grappling Mag, and they had a circuit workout that you can do with resistance bands. I was really curious about some of the drills they were doing. For example sprawls with the bands attached to your waste. I have seen training footage of Randy Couture doing that sort of thing.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions were I can buy those types of resistance bands?

you can get them at elite fitness systems, aka

I would say use the green, average flex, bands for sprawl work. and get a some minis also. Bands are great.

I listen to pantera while working out. That or Christina agulaira

lol, boooooooo

Yeah, last band we trained with complianed when somebody was double-legged into the brand new drum-kit.

Also, they barely ever did requests...

puts head down and slowly edges away from thread