Training with Nittai U Team 2nite

Might have something interesting to tell tomorrow as I'm off for an open mat with the Nittai University Judo team tonight for a couple of hours.

The Team has toured Australia for a few weeks annually over the last few years, and I've been lucky to jump onto one of the biggest and busiest mats ever (last year there were 50+ Black Belts going crazy).

It is likely we (the Aussies) will have a couple of Olypmians present so it has all the makings of an interesting night.

BTW after last years session, I had a bruise the size of a dinner plate on my arm! Hopefully I won't outdo that this year!

Hi Dutch, i'm sure you will have fun with thoes guys! hey did you go to the NSW State titles? We had two people in it coming third: Takashi Watanabe in the -81 and Alan Foley in the +100.

Now that was a blast! Yet again there were approx 50 BB's mainly 23yr old Japanese hotshots who blasted through the Aussies with abandon. I had a few tachiwaza shots myself, was thrown at a ratio of something like 4:1 but did manage a huge uchimata of a taniotoshi fake :-)

We also did newaza which was fun, however the mat itself was far from ideal for BJJ-style grappling - way too fast (it was a canvas cover over straw tatame I think) - I even got a few friction burns.

Really friendly guys with some impressive skills. It made for an interesting nights training.

BTW two guys there were the "University Sombo Champions" - unfortunately their English was only slightly better than my Japanese so we didn't get to talk too much but had a roll - very fluid games indeed.

Kingabiu: do I know you? As far as my competitive Judo days go, they are sadly over: an ACL reconstruction, genetic back disorder and too many armlocks means I just cannot invest adequate time in my tachiwaza without injury. Since '99 I've been training in BJJ (about 4 days/week), won the PanPacs and various State Titles a few times and last year tried my hand at the World Championships in Brazil. However I'm thinking of going back to coach Judo again (I used to be one of the coaches at Syndey University).

Check out some of the news and articles at if your interested.

No you don't know me, I'm up in the Lismore Judo Club. I just thought you were in Sydney and may have attended State titles & could give your perspective. Danny Fagan thwarted our man Taka with his lefty behind-shoulder-grip; Semir squashed Alan flat like a pancake.

been through that training. Does Joe still come around. Their coach
was an Olympic Gold medalist who was always really good to me. I
thought is was great when he got his shot to coach that squad. Can't
remember his name for the life of me while I am sitting here though.


the Japanese dudes apparently creamed you guys standing but howd they compare on the ground?

don't say you all - the mat is the only place I held my own and even at
times started to dominate. I had to eventually move down to the
heavyweight end to start getting better activity. The dowside - after
mat time they wanted you to saty at their end during standing. Sure
had to learn how to throw very big guys the hard way - under fire.