travel insurance while in Brazil?

I'm off to Maceio, Brazil Jan 9th. I'm supposed to be back a month later, but I might stay longer. Anyway, I plan on doing a lot of BJJ while I'm there. I heard that travel insurance will cover you in case of injury, but I'm not sure which ones are good. I know some insurance companies can be shady. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations?



e-mail me before you leave and I'll try to help you out with that... I'm in the insurance business, we don't do alot of travel insurance, but i'll ask my boss tomorrow about it and i'm sure he'll know...

I've been to Maceio (my ex-girlfriend is from there), they have some nice beaches... It's hot there!! The town is a little weird, and it's surrounded by beaches. You'll get turned around pretty easy. It's hard to explain, but you'll see what I mean.