triangle armbar

So let's say you've got your opponent in your closed guard. Oops! He makes a mistake and you are able to slap a triangle on him with his right arm in and his left arm out.

A lot of times he'll try to come around to your right to beat your triangle (and pass your guard).

So you pass your left leg over his head and armbar his right arm.

Is this a common occurrence with many of you? It seems a bit a regular armbar, you have one leg under his armpit and across his back, and the other (having been passed over his head) on the side of his neck. But with this kind of armbar, you've got BOTH legs on the side of his neck.

So how common/legit is this, and what details do you need to be able to finish?

very common, very legit

On this armbar, you can cross your feet, while on the traditional one you do not want to cross your ankles

very common, very legit

When he turns THAT way, I triangle him more tightly.

I only switch to armbar if there is something uncomfortable about my own leg position.

But yes, very common, very legit.

i love hitting that armbar.i have a hard time finishing the triangle alot of times and almost always switch to this armbar.i actually did it twice last night

if he places his hand on your torso and pushes away, straightening his arm in an attempt to defend the triangle, this armlock is right there.

extremely tight armbar. underhook his leg of the opposite side of the
arm you have trapped and get your body going towards perpendicular
to his to make it even tighter. if you switch off to the arm, and he
drives in to defend, switch right back to the triangle.