Triangle - he picks you up?

I was rolling with a HUGE meat-head (about 220lbs, I'm 160lbs) last night and attacked him with a triangle from my guard. i had my left leg accross his back, grabbing my shin with my right hand, my right foot on his hip to adjust, my left hand controlling his left arm....then the dude just picked my up like a was a baby. i let go of everything in fear of being slammed, but what can you do to prevent that from happening again?

underhook his right leg with your left arm.


I'm thinking that when you shift to the side to lock your legs together, reach under his leg and semi-sweep him as well.

That way you might be able to put the triangle on him while you're both lying on your side.

If he manages to roll back up, then stand up, you might switch to an arm-bar just before he stands up. That way you can use the force of both legs to take his balance to one side (again).

Of course - easier said than done with a 220lb training partner.

Best of luck !


2 things to prevent him standing:

1) Be sure to turn perpendicular to him, so that your leg is ENTIRELY on his NECK & HEAD. If your leg is on his back or shoulder, he will be able to lift. However, by keeping your weight on his head and neck you will stop him from sitting up and making his spine perpendicular to the ground. The more he tries, the more pressure he will add to the choke.

2) If he begins to stand up with you in that position, hug his thigh with your arms. When he tries to stand, he will continue to add to the pressure on his own head & neck.


I've seen cases where it wasn't enough to grab the leg. If you ALSO grab your own shin, then it will be IMPOSSIBLE to stand up. I once had the smallest girl in my class try this out successfully against the biggest guy in my class.