Triangle question

I've been getting a lot of guys in the triangle 'position' recently, but I have a difficult time tapping them out. I usually have to move my torso to the same side as the chocking leg before I really see my opponent's face start to redden up.

Also, holding the position for a while really tires out my legs.

How is it that some guy like Noguiera or even Evan Tanner (on Robbie Lawler this past weekend) are able to get the triangle choke so easily? I never see them re-ajust (i.e break open the triangle, grab shin with hand, use free leg to move hips, and then back into triangle).


Actually, I've seen nog readjust before. He had to against coleman(just off the top of my head). Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes not as easy.

Ryron Gracie of the gracie academy teaches a great way to finish the triangle - if you ever get a chance to train with him I would suggest it

For some reason, the triangle choke is my highest percentage submission.

Sometimes the pros don't SEEM to angle their triangles when they actually do it. That's because in the heat of the moment, their opponent twists around and often spins FOR them, when the bottom guy is pulling the shin down. Also, when the top guy is standing up, which often happens, it's easier for the bottom guy to spin just by a little twist of the hips, because of the lack of friction to the ground. But some guys are also just very flexible and have long legs.

Nogueira actually didn't tap Coleman with a triangle, but with a triangle armbar (i.e. he pulled on the arm after getting the triangle almost sunk). Maybe if he had spun a bit more, he could have finished the triangle, who knows?

Here's how I do my triangles:

  1. Snake my leg past his arm on the outside or the inside, getting it on top of his neck and (usually) crossing my legs.

  2. Grab my shin and pull it down. At the same time, I try to spin, which will help me get my shin down as far as possible. I do NOT try to get the arm across just yet.

If he tries to stand up at this point, I will spin by underhooking his leg. If he's on his knees, I will spin by posting on his hip with my foot. But sometimes I do neither of these - just pull my shin down. That's sometimes good enough when you're opponent is thrashing around because he'll spin himself into a better angle for me :) It doesn't work that well against a non-resisting opponent though.

The main thing is to keep his head down and pull my shin down.

When I feel that for the time being, I can't get my shin any lower, I go to the next step:

  1. Get his inside arm as far across as I can, usually using both my arms. Here's where I might very well temporarily release my grip on my shin. I raise my hips up a bit, pull the arm across and lower my hips again.

When I feel that for the time being, I can't get his arm any further across, I go to the next step:

  1. This step is exactly like step 2 (pulling your shin down). Only this time, since his arm is fully or partially across, you should be able to pull your shin down even further, possibly all the way down to under your knee (i.e. the optimal triangle position).

Now I pull my heels down and squeeze my knees together. If he doesn't tap, I pull his head down with both arms.

The end.

Note that this assumes that you ARE able to hold onto your shin and get his arm across. If you start to lose the hold on your shin (or didn't get it in the first place), underhook his leg and armbar him. If you're having problems getting his arm across, AFTER pulling your shin down as far as possible and spinning, you can go for an omoplata.

I've also had good success with going for the triangle armbar and going back to the triangle when my opponent clasps his hands together and drives into me.

There's lots more to it, but that's my basic idea.


FatBuddha- I don't suppose you'd elaborate a little bit? What does Ryron do diferently?

Ryron's triangle setup wasn't that different from other's Ive seen, Im trying to remember what FatBuddha is talking about. I was at the same seminar he was, but he took notes, I didn't. What I remember is him showing how to grab your shin and readjust pretty quickly, but its not the first time Ive seen that...maybe he will elaborate.

When I put on the triangle, it helps to make sure you bring your hips way up as you clamp your leg across their back. This makes it tighter and seems to help me get the right angle easier.

JoshuaB - is this "East Andrews" Josh? If so, big props to you for sneaking in my question! Your girl never called me back, WTF is up with that lol? If this is not the Josh I know please completely disregard this message :)

Here's a good alternate method of finishing the triangle I learned from Carlson Jr. He was watching me finish with the standard arch hips and pull the head down and wasn't getting it 100% of the time. But he told me to turn my leg out and it made all the difference. Now, I RARELY even pull down on the head, and usually get the tap very quickly.

If you have the triangle on your opponent's right arm, and your right leg is across his neck and locked into your left leg but can't get a tap, simply rotate your left ankle away (or up and to the left) from your opponent. I turn my hips to the right while doing it. Makes for a VERY tight triangle.

The only time I pull the head now is if the opponent falls to his right, or onto my left leg, which prevents the leg from rotating out.

Sorry to hijack, but since we are talking about triangles, why couldn't Charuto finish both Hughes and especially Trigg? What was he doing incorrectly?

shat: Please elaborate. Don't you want to raise your hips to lock it in first? I can see it tighting up as you said if the hold is really locked. But, raising the hips first seems to help get the initial lock much better. How do you bring them down after it is locked in? Do you use your hands on the mat to push your butt back? I guess this would help prevent them stacking you up also.


Some guys in my gym take forever to tap. Even though I get the tap, the lactic acid is burning through my legs and need a moment before sparring again.

More tips such as the ones in Jonpall's RNC leverage thread would be appreciated. Thx.