Tribute to Just Bleed Guy



I made a prison style sketch in his honor. Assuming you could find a pen and green marker whilst in the prison lunch room.

I hope he gets out of prison some day and is spotted at a UFC event with his buddies, having the time of his life.


can't see the BLEED part

whoops, fixed it

holy thats awesome haha. Someone post the original to compare.


The joint guy is my favorite!

 Check out Bill Gates/Aleks E. on the left

The Ultimate UFC Fan
by BaDaBooM80

It was good that you included the cat getting blazed as well, that's at least 40% of the greatness imo...

That clip never fails to make me smile.

BrazilianBomber -  Check out Bill Gates/Aleks E. on the left

I just added him in and gave him a googly eye

bismanfightclub - 
xcouturefan - I love the guy smoking a joint in the background.

SEG UFC was so much more fun than Zuffa UFC.

Isn't that Joe Rogan?

Looks more like Lorenzo to me, which makes it even funnier.

 what did JUST BLEED get arrested for?

I believe for stealing tractor equipment