Trigg vs Penn @ UFC51!?

According to Fightsport this is rumored for Superbowl Saturday.

This would definitely be the fight of the year!

first of all, Penn has a contract with K-1. I seriously doubt that K-1 would let Penn resign with ZUFFA again. K-1 is trying to steal PRIDE & UFC fighters recently. Starting with BJ Penn, now Heath Herring, & who's next?

Well Penn had a contract with the UFC as well. That means nothing.

But besides that & the fact I pity, they are still usually right on the money when it comes to rumors.

I would love to see this fight happen but i won't get my hopes up

I don't believe that the K-1 contract is exclusive.

That would be awesome. But I will temper my excitement for the official announcement.

there is a very good chance this fight will happen.

I want to see him rematch Matt Hughes.

If this really happens, kudos to Zuffa for putting business ahead of personal antimosity.

This would add another level of excitement to what is already going to be an exciting event.

This fight would really test BJ Penn. Frank Trigg is an animal and the winner of this fight would have just as much credibility at claiming number one at 170 as Hughes does.

Also, Penn said all along he could still fight for UFC with his K-1 contract, so that is a moot pooint.


  1. Why would Penn fight for an organisation that stripped him of his title?

  2. Why would the UFC sign a fighter that took them to court?

I doubt this is true

Good for Trigg...he would've got mullered.

I this fight happens, wow, I will be there live to watch it.

"Lytle/Trigg would be an exciting fight. I would rather see this matchup than Lytle/Parisyan."

Me, too. Lytle has better stand up and submissions than Trigg, but Trigg is a better wrestler and is more aggressive.

"Good for Trigg...he would've got mullered"

LOL @ this!Trigg was supposed to get murdered by Charuto as well nad you saw what happened didn't you.Frank is on a different level right now and would beat Peen IMHO.

" I want to see him rematch Matt Hughes."

Why? The first match was so one sided that a rematch is not necessary.

Great matchup

If the UFC could come to terms with BJ, they would have the most dynamic WW division ever. If they marketed them properly, it could become a nice drawing division for them. Don't say for a moment that smaller guys can't draw because in boxing the smaller guys are drawing much better than the big guys right now.

BJ-Trigg would be awesome and then you have Hughes and St. Pierre ready to step right in.

I think BJ is a special talent with a special charisma. Just when he got to a point where he could start to become a nice draw for Zuffa, that shit happened. Put it in the past and get him back in there.

I think FIghtsport threw up this bullshit, so that when the fight doesnt happen, they will say "DANA WHITE FUCKS UP AGAIN AND DOESNT SIGN PENN/TRIGG FIGHT"

it will be fuckin hillarious.

Trigg definitely has an advantage on the standup. I wouldn't mind if he KO'd fat face Penn.

You know whats funny?

Trigg not being able to take Penn down and keep him down...Penn IMHO can take Trigg down...Penn always has a strategy...