triple crown 2nd leg

the next leg of the triple crown will be on june 1, 2008. sorry for such a late notice on this event. it will be at UH. Start time is expected to be around 11:30. if there are any questions, please post them here. thank you.

thanks for the info, i've been bugging romolo for the date.

it's supposed to be in gym 1. they are redoing the floor in klum. bugging romolo? i've been bugging him everyday couple times a day. lol. just hope UH doesn't screw us again and make us change location 2 day out from the tournament.

We heard that it will be in Klum.  Please confirm.

romolo mentioned that it was going to be in Gym 1. I'll ask him later and get beack with confirmation.

sorry about the mix-up. The event will be at Klum gym.

eh nalupono howit!

Thanks for the update. Alot of tourneys going on nowdays, which is good for the sport , but how come romolo academy hardly shows up at the other tourneys?

hi kteam.

don't know. romolo has encouraged people to enter but they don't for one reason or the other. i would have like to have been to ron's tourny but i was working that day. heard it went very well and smooth.

we don't have that many competitors from our own school at our own tournaments. it seem like a good amount but that's because alot of them might be from the maui location. at the last triple crown, we had only around 12 or 13 competitors from our oahu location.

as you mentioned, alot of new tournaments now days. glad to see the sprot growing. sorry that our tournament is so close to mundials or the OTM tournament. we were hoping to have it in May so there was would be no conflict, but there were some things that we couldn't control. we look out for the other tournaments and try not to have any too close to eachother. We wanted to have the tournament in May, before Mundials so people could compete and use it as a warm up for the world's. unfortunately, things just didn't work out. were hoping that with our tournament on the first, and the OTM on the last weekend of the month, there is enough time in between the 2. kind of tight, but i am personally looking forward to the OTM tournament as well as our own. be nice to go to a tournament and just enjoy the day. not have to worry about how it runs.

i will go and watch your tourney

glad to hear you'll be there onibaba. hope everyone can make it.

it's always a goal to make a better tournament than the last. we might try new things and ideas. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. we love all the feed back concerning tournaments and take all suggestions into consideration. if we don't use them, people think we aren't listening. we are. it's just that some of the ideas may have been tried in the past and didn't work out. remember that we have been running these tournaments for the past 6-7 years. the name and venues may have changed, but we still remember what has and has not worked in the past. of course there are still some glitches and unfortunately they are mostly in the kids division. we try to make it fair and safe for all kids.