Trippy Cameras at UFC 126

While watching 126, I noticed that fighters would almost appear to swell up and down, making the clearly bigger fighter (Jones and Griffin in their match ups) appear to be the same size or even smaller than their opponents.

However it was only from certain angles, where in others it would appear the bigger fighter was several weight classes above the other. Was I slipped a hallucinogen or did anyone else notice this? If so what was that all about?

It was kind of cool to watch Franklin grow like the old-school Hulk did and appear as big as Griffin regardless of my state of mind.

Somebody drank some 4Loco before the fights, huh?

"I can't handle that shit on strong acid man."

 Fucking perspective, how does it work?

almost a cheech qoute above Phone Post

Sounds trippy

Everyone else there was complaining about it as well.

Unless.. Wait, what if I was hearing things too!? WHAT CAN I BELIEVE ANYMORE

I'll take the stuff above as something wrong with me or the TV.