Troy Waugh is a great Referee!

I just wanna give props to Troy Waugh. I've know him for a long time through HnS and other events, but recently he has become one of the referees for the Florida State Boxing Commission. I've seen him ref at Obaktagon and at the AFC and he's done a hell of a job at one of the hardest jobs in the sport!

3t for a great bald ref!

3t for a great bald ref!

He is also an accredited ADCC judge & ref, and he did good there also.

He does a lot for the sport. He is an even better ref if you let him drink, but these official commisions have standards! J/K

See ya at the booby trap, bro!


I trained with Troy several years ago in Tulsa OK when he was first getting started in Jiu Jitsu. He is a genuinely nice guy and great martial artist

ttt for troy