TRT guys taking over the prescribed dose?

Are these guys are TRT taking more than they are prescribed? My understanding is that the therapeutic dose is normally quite small in the neighborhood of 1cc a week which would elevate most to the high normal range.

Would this 1cc a week dose put them over the reported 4:1 test to epitest ratio or could it be they are doubling or tripling the dose?

Is the T/E ratio the only number being tested or is their test level being tested? I doubt their level would go over 1000 on a therapeutic dose.

iirc, nate said his doctor upped his dosage cus he had a fight coming up. buuut he must've had really high levels during the heavy training if he couldnt even pass the prefight testing.

Sorta like a race car, except instead of the drive-train failing from the extra horsepower/stress on components, your balls shut down and other organs start to fail, apparently.

Somebody has to have some answers to these questions.

What ,no juice gurus know the answers?

He wasnt taking it for therapeutic use, he was cheating... again.

much like rosie o'donnel, special needs fighters need: "a league of thier own"