TRUTH: K1 Dynamite!!! Was Great!

Ok. After a few weeks you guys have had time to settle down and cool
all the emotions. In retrospect, you have to admit, K1 Heros Softbank
ProElite Dynamite!!! USA was a grrrrrreat show!

I was so sick of hearing these fraud journalists who were only trying to
suck up to Dana and who probably wouldn't know a gogoplata from an
omoplata, all badmouthing the show. One even called it a disgrace.

Right, buddy! Like your lack of journalistic integrity isn't a disgrace.

Look what you had. Johnny Morton, elite athlete getting KTFO brutally.

Yeah, it was so bad that everyone rushed to see the replay 110 times.

Pickett and Tokoro was a thrilling match up with a great finish.

And look at how K1 adds the human touch to the show, like Pride did.

Who else would have taken a chance on Lesnar? And he looked
outstanding. Yoon Dong Sik would have been sent home in the UFC
based on his record alone. But the Japanese look deeper than just
numbers. They saw that Yoon Dong was better than his record and
gave him a chance. He made the most of it proving that Japan is the
real land of opportunity. WHAT A MATCH TOO!

As for the live entertainment, some people are just so concerned with
being so super cool they can't admit they enjoyed the live DJ, the pogo
sticks and all the other magical moments. Some MMA fans are too

I predict many a future sell out for K1 Heros Softbank ProElite
Dynamite!!!: The new king of MMA!

It was a decent show. What ruined it for me was that they held part of it in the daytime and it made the whole venue look very unprofessional. However when it got dark, the event looked pretty close to K1's usual standards.

There were some awesome fights. The best one being Dong sik/ Manhoef. The classic Striker vs. Grappler match.

Saku vs. Royce was a big letdown though.

"Saku vs. Royce was a big letdown though."

Yes, but they were just trying to appeal to all possible audiences. They
will get their bearings in America and learn next time. Old timer match
ups can be great but you have to get guys who have stayed in shape and
be extra careful with style match ups. Shamrock is still exciting even if he
is just getting pounded on.

So DJ HAPA, what did you think of DJ HAPA?

LOL....give me a break.

You could at least try and be subtle

"So DJ HAPA, what did you think of DJ HAPA?"

People need to relax. It is entertainment. The guy was trying to make
people happy and there is nothing wrong with that. Better than the Death
Metal, Wannabe Gangsta, tribal tats attitude that permeates the UFC
shows. MMA can be a family affair too, as K1 showed.

As for his supposed mispronuciation of Royce's name, that isn't really
true. In southern Brazil, the R is rolled. Also, why are American BJJ boys
fixated on the one letter? Do they bother to pronounce all the other
letters and combinations the Portuguese way? No.

DJ Hapa should be commended for bringing a little happiness to an
otherwise sad and angry world.