Truths in MMA

  1. There is not alot of money in MMA. Don't expect to get rich.
  2. Rickson is retired.
  3. TUF is a great way for UFC to recruit cheap talent and get publicity.
  4. For smaller shows, get your money up front. Stop fighting for shows that screw their talent.
  5. If your corner is wearing pro wrestling masks, you are in trouble.
  6. Bas is not as handsome as he wants you to believe.

Rumblefish, check out the member date. Noob

haha rumblefish got smoked...

SR, because most fighters make peanuts. Not only do the UFC get great publicity and make good money from the network, but also they get 16 fighters to fight on national TV for free. In the end, they have a handful of fighters that the nation is familiar with that they don't pay much to and two guys they give a decent contract.

Poor Rumble Fish.....

Poor poor rumble Fish..... lol

Okay SR. Maybe I'm wrong. Educate me. How much did Jorge Gurgel get paid to film TUF?